Public Relations

Be a part of the conversation.

Let’s face it, the speed at which news travels today is fast, and having a team of professionals to manage your brand’s public image is more important than ever before.


At VistaWorks, we adapt our approach to manage your brand and reach your audience. From paid media to content creation, we continuously drive the right conversations, resulting in more visitors.


We remain on top of tourism trends and news, maintaining relationships with the travel press and understanding how to navigate and integrate traditional and social media PR methods.


We tap into the established audiences of well-known traditional and online media outlets, build relationships with editors, reporters, and bloggers, and leverage your destination’s or atttraction’s unique story to generate buzz and inspire journalists to write about it.


As communication platforms evolve and the lines between marketing channels blur, we know who to contact and how to deliver the travel stories people crave and millions share.


Crisis Communications


Every destination is vulnerable to crises—foreseen or not. VistaWorks has the experience and know-how to help you best communicate with visitors and the media during such unfortunate times.


Being prepared is a must. We’ll develop a crisis management plan, create documents to maintain consistent messaging throughout the community, and oversee media training. Most importantly, we’ll be a valued ally in helping a destination control and respond to a crisis in a calm and professional manner.


Our crisis plans include but are not limited to: a crisis team, checklists, resources, notification procedures, a news media response, a social media response, integration of emergency procedures, and coordination with partners.

Press & Influencer Visitor Coordination

Press Release Writing & Distribution

Article Pitches

Social Strategy

Daily Community Mgmt

Social Content Creation

Coordination with State Tourism Offices

And More!