Advocacy and Community Engagement

Tell the story of how tourism will benefit your community

Do you experience pushback from government officials on tourism-related activities? Do residents not want change? Advocacy and Community Engagement (ACE) addresses these concerns and more in a way every audience can understand.


Through ACE, residents and government officials will learn the benefits of tourism in their area, such as how much money each household saves in taxes annually, the economic impact of tourism on a city or county, and much more.


The ultimate goal of tourism branding is to have members of a local community embrace a brand’s identity and share it with visitors and potential visitors.  Achieve this through ACE, which advocates for a strong brand identity, including buy-in from the community. 

Tourism growth drives job creation, small business success, community revitalization, increased local and state tax revenues, improved quality of life, and pride of place. The multitude of ways tourism growth benefits your region is a great and largely untold story.

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